A/E Architect/Engineering - the project's designer
ANOVA Analysis of variance. Here we only used one-way ANOVA, which is a statistical technique used to determine if groups (samples) came from different populations. (Is there really a difference between these groups, based on the samples we took?) you are only trying to distinguish between two groups, you would use the t-test. If there are more than two you need to use one-way ANOVA.
Best Value A procurement method that awards contracts based on a combination of qualifications and price.
CM Construction Manager. Here it is used to designate the prime or general contractor in a CMAR system.
CMAR Construction Manager at Risk. A project delivery system
CMR Variant of CMAR
CM@R Variant of CMAR
DBB Design-Bid-Build. A project delivery system whereby the A/E designs the project completely, then the owner solicits bid for the construction. Usually synonymous with "low bid procurement."
Fast tracking Taking items of work or procurement out of a main contract so that they can be done earlier - for example before design of the entire facility is complete or before the main contract is let.
GMP Guaranteed Maximum Price. The price the CM agrees to in a CMAR contract.
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. "Mechanical Contractors" often do HVAC and "plumbing." Fire protection, i.e., sprinkler systems, are sometimes done by a mechanical contractor and sometimes by a specialty contractor.
QBS Qualifications-based selection. A procurement method that awards based on qualifications rather than price. See best-value
Sub Subcontractor. Subs supply a "service" and are usually on the jobsite. Subs are generally different than a "suppliers" who only provide a "good," and may not be physically on the jobsite. There are many variants and overlaps, and there are also sub-subcontractors and sub-suppliers.
t-test A statistical technique used to determine if there is a "statistical difference" between two groups.