Alternative Project Delivery Systems for Governments in Alaska
November 18, 2015, Fairbanks, Alaska


On November 18th, UAF Civil and Environmental Engineering, in partnership with the Fairbanks Branch of the ASCE, and with help from the AGC of Alaska, held a Moolin Seminar to learn first-hand from governmental project managers how these alternate project delivery systems work in Alaska. The default project delivery system for governments in Alaska (and nationwide) is Design-Bid-Build (DBB), which awards the construction contract to the lowest bidder that can obtain bonding.  Faced with complex projects and tight schedules, governments often see an advantage in alternative systems such as Design-Build (DB) and Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR, also called General Contractor/Construction Manager).  Often smaller projects, special projects, and projects in rural Alaska benefit from other project delivery systems such as Job Order Contracting, Force Account, Emergency Contracting, or novel project systems based on local needs and resources.

This website makes the information presented at the seminar available to a wider audience. Here is a sumary of the event:

Summary of Seminar, Findings, and Recommendations

The Agenda lists all the speakers and provides links to

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The full seminar handout has information on:

ASCE Officers

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