2018 Moolin Seminar

Rural and Arctic Construction in Alaska: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges

Anchorage November 21, 2018; BP Energy Center

Fairbanks December 3, 2018; Associated General Contractors

UAF Civil and Environmental Engineering, in partnership with the Anchorage and Fairbanks branches of the Alaska Society of Professional Engineers, and with help from the AGC of Alaska and Alyeska Pipeline, held a Moolin Seminar in Anchorage and Fairbanks. This website makes the information presented at the seminar available to a wider audience.  Special thanks to the family of Frank Moolin, the chief construction engineering of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the Institute of Transportation Engineers Alaska, the American Society of Civil Engineers Alaska Section, and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center

About the Moolin Seminars

Flyer for 2018 Seminar

Organizing Committee

Agenda for Anchorage Seminar with links to presenters and their presentations

Agenda for Fairbanks Seminar with links to presenters and their presentations.