Rimmler and Wagerer

History of the ancestors of Karl ("Fritz") Friedrich Rimmler (1886-1944) and Susanna ("Suzy") Wagerer (1886-1971) with notes on other branches of the Rimmler and Wagerer families in the United States and Europe.

This web site contains most of the information about the ancestors of Fritz Rimmler and Suzy Rimmler (nee Wagerer) that I have, some information about their lives in Germany and in the US, and a little about their progeny, Fredrick F. ("Fred") Rimmler and Elizabeth ("Betty") Perkins (nee Rimmler). Also, a little about the families of Fritz' brothers and sisters, and also Lene Orth (nee Rimmler) and Phillip Rimmler. Fritz and Lene and Phillip were second cousins, however in both Heidelberg and in the US the two families were close. Further, Heinz Rimmler, the bother of Lene and Phillipp, was very helpful to me in gathering these documents.

In getting this together, I realize that most people are not terribly interested in their forebears. However some people are interested in their roots and these documents may be of use to them. Some of my research borders on scholarly and some is much less. Below is an Introduction with links to the various documents. At the end of each document is a link to a pdf file of the document. Also, there is link to a pdf of the entire site content. It is a very large file. None of this is copyrighted and you are welcome to do what you'd like with it. However I would appreciate keeping my name and emails addresses attached, so that any questions or comments could be directed to me. Also, if this web site finds its way to someone who would like to add to it, or has other useful documents, please let me know.

Robert A. Perkins
Fairbanks, Alaska
December 2010