Wagerer Photos from Germany


Wagerers.  Sitting Gram (Susanna), sitting in white, Rosl, Anna nee Sigl.  Standing, Josep (son of Anna Wagerer) Anna Wagerer, Alfons Wagerer.  If this was taken in 1900, Gram would be 14 and Alfons would be 17, Anna nee Sigl would be 58, Anna would be 32. 
From Gram’s confirmation book: Father, Fraz Xavior Wagerer died on January 15, 1915 at age of 75.



Anna Wagerer nee Sigl in center with dog.  Anna Wagerer standing on far right.  Others unknown.



Suzanna Wagerer, ca. 1910, Munich years?




Suzanna Wagerer about 1910. Emigrated to US arrived 3 December 1912.  Married 14 March 1915.


Back row, three sons of Alfons Wagerer senior: Bernard, Hans, Josef. (Alfons junior was already in US.) Standing on left, Elisabeth Wagerer, widow of Alfons Wagerer. Sitting, Anna Sigl Wagerer (Grandmother of Fred Rimmer and Elizabeth Perkins {ERP}, great-grandmother of author), Paula Wagerer in white (daughter of Alfons and Elisabeth, sister of Alfons junior), Anna Wagerer (aunt of ERP, sister of Suzanna Rimmler nee Wagerer).  Standing on right, Rosl Wagerer (daughter of Anna).


Above left, Anna and Rosl.  Above right and left, Anna Sigl Wagerer on bier.  11 May, 1933, age 91 years, 3 months



Wagerer homestead in Egglham.  Adults standing left to right: Anna Wagerer, Maria Auemiller, Susanna (Sani) Rimmer nee Wagerer (Gram).  Kids, l to r, Marl (Maria), Sepp (Joseph), Alfons, Fritzel (Fred Rimmler) Elizabeth Rimmler (Mom) and Bernhard. This would have been taken during a trip Gram took to Germany in 1921.